Joe Intrakamhang

Programming from Chicago


I am a passionate developer who loves technology. I continuously work on fine tuning my software craftsmanship.

I love to share my knowledge by speaking at conferences and meetups. I am a pragmatic developer who cares about his craft, develops for the bigger picture, and refactors code when needed.

I have extensive knowledge in cloud development and the financial space. My technical financial knowledge covers trading systems, accounting systems, forecasting, trade routing, modeling, reporting, reconciliation, dashboards and integrating with third party financial software.


  • Work experience

  • Google - Product Manager

    Data product lead for an internal Google procurement organization. Led multiple data efforts in a fast growing team across platforms, analytics and ML for the entire Google wide supplier and category spend.

  • Google - Cloud Architect

    Google cloud architect to enable the largest Google Cloud customers achieve their cloud goals. Responsible for helping customers layout their data architecture and publications of data articles.

  • X, Moonshot Factory, Formerly Google [X] - Data Science Lead

    X is a secretive startup incubator within Google. Created a smarter food system — one that knows where the food is, what state it’s in, and where best to direct it to ensure it doesn’t end up in a landfill and instead goes to the people who need it most.

  • Google - Solutions Engineer

    Help customers transform and innovate their business through the use of Google cloud platform. Migrated a retail customer from 2 PB of Teradata to Google BigQuery database. The migration saved the client 1 million dollars per year. Architect a grid computing solution for a financial firm to be able to utilize 100k cores on Google Compute Engine.

  • Neuberger Berman - VP, Technical Lead

    Architect for the investor studio platform and the enterprise data platform. Responsible for identifying alpha trading decisions, signal generation, creating a single version of truth database, code tuning and code modernization.

  • Lehman Brothers - Senior Developer

    Created and maintained a fixed income order management system, reporting solutions and back office applications.

  • Northern Trust - Senior Systems Analyst

    Enhanced and maintained a pension payment on-line web system. The pension system was designed around a third party vendor, Lawson, but was completely revamped for Northern Trust specifics.

  • Caremark - Programmer Analyst

    Designed, developed and implemented a new Java web based drug health benefit system. The system was a conversion from a mainframe application. The benefit system allowed real time changes to the client’s health plans.


Cloud Solutions

Architect cloud solutions for major financial and retail clients on Google Cloud Platform.

Trading System

Created a order management system for the fixed income division. The system was responsible for trading algorithms, trade compliance, trade confirmation, and trade reconciliation.

Trade Routing System

The trade routing system was to increase increase the efficiency of the straight through processing time. By routing trades from their trading systems to it's respective accounting systems.

Mortgage Forecasting

The mortgage forecasting tool was to model portfolios risk and exposure to the housing market. It ran through statistical models to forecast the future trends of the portfolio.

Enterprise Data

Created a single version of truth database by consolidating many databases that contain similar data. Created an api into the svot database through web services, ftp, and messaging.

Investor Studio

Investor studio is an investment platform to generate alpha for our fixed income portfolio managers.

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